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Using your past posters as a background was brilliant, Maria Ell Navaratne
The colors look so good on this newest poster. Hope your event is extremely successful.

Thank you to Warren Jokinen of the Pikes Peak Makerspace for his help printing our 3' Arts14 poster tonight! Really looking forward to the MSMS Expo for 4th and 5th Graders on Tuesday 17 Jan @ 6:30pm. See you there!

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Progress has been had on the router room, it's in its final resting spot and so are some of the support staff here at PPM. ...

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We're flush with cash! Not really, but we are flush with a lot of these super cool Tesla bills that have nearly zero monetary value, outside the Makerspace that is! Introducing our newest member appreciation program, "Tesla Bucks". Interested in volunteering to help out at either space? So long as you are a Paid Monthly Member of the Pikes Peak Makerspace, you qualify to receive Tesla Bucks in consideration of your efforts. They are redeemable for some neat things around the shop, such as classes and membership dues! Inquire within... ...

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We've got one more wall to build. After recent construction efforts and building of one additional wall, we've found need for one more and are seeking funding. As you know PPM is a member funded, non-profit organization. We rely on donations, volunteer support, and our community for most all that we do. Below is the materials list for the last remaining wall for the electrical / robotics area. If you can help in any way, hit us up via the new website and donation system.


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Latest output from the new Telsa Coil at PPM!

Final Tesla Coil Test Run – PPMThe final Tesla Coil video of the night, with proper adjustment of spark gaps, coil coupling, and ground placement. This method of driving a Tesla Coil, called a SGTC (Spark Gap Tesla Coil) uses a small set of closely positioned electrodes to create the necessary operating frequency for the coil. Final spark distance for the evening, 34″ !!!!! Yet this is a mere drop in the bucket for our eventual driver setup , a DRSSTC ( Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil), which can produce arcs in the 6-7 foot range!

Posted by Pikes Peak Makerspace on Sunday, January 24, 2016


This Saturday, 10Oct15 at the 21C Library ( 1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920) is the 2nd Annual Colorado Springs Mini Maker Faire.

It’s gonna have lasers, 3D printers, Mars rovers and a jet engine.  Plus whatever else is at the 49 other booths.

Come on out and check out the Faire, stop by the booth and say “Hi”, get a custom laser cut key fob.

{I’d insert  a relevant and eye-catching photo here but I am too busy trying to find where I hid the charcoal filter…}

Pikes Peak Makerspace World Record Attempt.


We will be 3D Printing Pikes Peak, On Top of Pikes Peak.  
Highest Terrestrial Altitude 3D Print.
Saturday Aug. 8

Those involved with the project and anyone who wants to help or just be around for the day of.

We are in need of people willing to film the event and give us the footage to use for our submission. 


– Meet and load van, at PPM, 8am  
– We head up at 9am 
– Start setting up approximately 10:30 
– Print until 2pm. 
– Back at PPM by 3:30 PM. 
– Unload 
– Celebrate at PPM

If you are interested in helping or just being a part of it. Shoot us an email m@pikespeakmakerspace.org

PPM Member Cookout


Saturday July 25, 11-4pm.

This event is for Paid Pikes Peak Makerspace members & their family (guests too).

Let’s get together, grill some stuff, talk about future events, what can we do better as a club, etc.

Makerspace will provide the proteins to grill, we would like help with beverages, sides and desserts.

Beer & wine is for sale at the Cafe or BYOB. Softdrinks provided by Kelly.

Please reply in comments or email m@pikespeakmakerspace.org

11:00 to 11:30 prepping and starting the cooking process

12:00 food served

12:00 to 3, hang out and have fun.

3:00 to 4:00 we will get slightly organized and discuss future events, what we can do improve, get caught up on the behind the scenes of PPM operation, etc.

Hope to see all members out for this one!!

Grand Opening Celebration

Please come help us celebrate our grand opening. Free Admission.

– Fun Interactive Demos for Kids young and old!
– 10am Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
– Lulzbot Booth
– Member Project Showcases
– 3D Printing Demos
– Laser Cutting Demos
– Mold Making Demos
– Electronic Demos

– Grant Sabin 5-7pm

– Sunday the 26th, Wold Record Attempt. “3D Print Pikes Peak ON Pikes Peak” highest altitude 3D Print. Sponsored by Pikes Peak Makerspace,

Do not forget about our many upcoming events. The most recent 9 are listed on the left of our page.

PPM Grand Opening Flyer cv5 flatcopy.ai

Taking It All Into Pieces



Well that didn’t work…

Eight people signed up… zero people showed up on the day.

I even brought doughnuts to share!

Let me know if you know what happened – was it too early? Too vague a topic?  Everybody already knows how to Unmake things so there was no interest?

Curiously yours,


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