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Donations are at the heart of nearly everything we do! Whether it be donating good old fashioned cash to cover purchases and supplies or donating old tools, modern computer equipment, supplies, etc.

Below is our list of needed or desired items. Remember all donations to the Makerspace are tax deductible! Simply shoot as a message and we will email you an itemized deduction receipt. At the bottom of this page is a form for cash / credit card donations. 

Items Needed or Desired by Pikes Peak Makerspace


Retractable 2" Vacuum Hose 

Sliding Tablesaw 

Plasma Cutter 

Tube Blender

SLA 3D Printer

Panel Saw

Hydrolic Press 

Electric Metal Shear 

English Wheel 

Tube Notcher

AC/DC Tig Welder

Stick Welder

Welding Clamps

Metal Kin

Drum Sander

12" Digital Clamps


Wood Moisture Meter

3-Way Face Clamp

Handheld Spindle Sander

Metal Lathe 

Plunge Router 

Vacuum Forming Table 

Hydrodip Tank

24" Digital Calipers


Outfeed Rollers 

Digital Angle Gauge

Dead Blow Hammer 

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