Pikes Peak Makerspace

501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help aid you in finding what you need :

Q: How do I join the Makerspace?

A: Click on  "Membership/How to Join" and follow the instructions.

Q: Do you offer tours of the facility?

A: Yes! You can go to Take A Tour page and fill out the "Take A Tour of Pikes Peak Makerspace".

Q: How do I pay for a class I wish to attend?

A: For PPM Members: Classes can be rsvp'ed and paid through Meetup

For Non-PPM Members: Several classes are offered to community members (Non-PPM members) at a higher cost. (PPM Members receive a general 50% discount on all classes). Therefore, those who are not members cannot rsvp for classes through Meetup because pricing is fixed for members. If you are interested in taking a class listed on the Classes webpage, please contact us directly! We will work with you to get rsvp'ed for the class and paid.  

Q: Is the Makerspace open to the public?

A: No. Pikes Peak Makerspace is open 24/7 to paid members only. We do offer tours by schedule, have classes that accept non-members, and hold some events throughout the year that are open to the public. 

Q: Are children allowed to join the makerspace?

A: Unfortunately, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to join the makerspace. You need to be 18 years or older in order to have a membership with us. 

Q: Are people at the Makerspace cool?

A: Of course we are! We are super friendly, helpful, and love to meet people from all backgrounds and levels of making experience! 

Q: Where can I find a list of tools that are present at the Makerspace?

A: You can view a list of all the equipment that Pikes Peak Makerspace owns and maintains here. Click on a particular workspace area to view a list of equipment.

Q: I want to make sure I can use the tools I need at the makerspace. Can I reserve equipment? 

A: Yes, you can! Up to 24 hours in advance, you are able to reserve equipment on some of our more popular machines like the BOSS laser cutter, the CNC machine, the Zing laser cutter, and more! Click on the Reserve Equipment page to setup a reservation. 

Pikes Peak Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

735 E. Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903  | Contact Us

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