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About the Makers

It is our mission to create an environment where people interested in art, technology, science and business can collaborate on creative projects; share tools; learn; teach; make things; prototype new ideas, products and services; start ventures; meet new people; and share knowledge.

We are tapped into and support the Colorado Springs startup community.

Chris Vestal (Executive Director & Instructor) – 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Safety, New Member Orientation

About Chris V. : 

Chris is a natural for the maker environment. With a very well adapted understanding of mechanical design and 3D printing combined with being a very talented public speaker Chris never fails to keep others engaged. With his help the Makerspace has become an excellent place to learn about 3D modelling and printing.

When not at the Makerspace, Chris enjoys being an avid motocross and enduro rider as well as running two  printing and design based businesses. Braaaap!

*Notes / Know Issues : May overcook grilled items, Seems to have coffee machine on lock-down.

Brandon Hall (Instructor) – Vinyl Cutter Class / Adobe Illustrator Class, New Member Orientation

About Brandon H. :

Brandon is to servers what Air-traffic Control is to Chicago 'o Hare. Spending his days ensuring that high-availability remains a true and steadfast description of much locally hosted content. Being a multi-talented maker Brandon can be found doing anything from programming to vinyl cutting out to framing artwork. A truly talented educator and a great guy to know if you're thirsty for some of the best local brews.

 Outside of the Makerspace Brandon spends his leisure time remodeling a historic Colorado home and climbing on rocks.

*Notes / Known Issues : Often operates in stealth mode, either riding his bike or walking to the space. 

Landon Descamps (Instructor) - Electronics Class, New Member Orientation

About Landon D. :

Landon was an early adopter of the DIY mentality and has spent a lot of time self teaching in the realms of electronics, programming, industrial technology, and mechanics. Usually if something smells burnt around the Makerspace he is to blame.

Outside of the space Landon can be found hiking off to some remote place with his dogs. Both in and out of the space he loves to cook and fire up the grill / smoker, apparently the only time he doesn't burn things. 

* Notes / Known Issues : Has been known to amass large amounts of antique electronics, is potentially the hoarder of the Makerspace

Warren Jokinen (Master Tour Guide) - Artwork, Tours, Graphics and 2D Print

About Warren J. :

Warren was one of the first members of the Makerspace and joined during its' infancy. He has proven to be instrumental in our very existence. From day one Warren was a natural instructor and has a very helpful persona. It is not uncommon for him to be found showing potential and new members all the great features of the laser engravers, plotters, and the space in general.

Outside of the Makerspace, Warren enjoys researching high speed electric cars......

*Notes / Known Issues : Warren is likely the inspiration behind The Worldbook Encyclopedia, if the interweb ever goes down, you can simply ask Warren. 

Anthony Abraham (COO / Instructor) - New Member Orientation, VR Meetups, Member Recruitment

About Anthony A. :

Anthony's talents are many fold, from 3D printing to remodeling.. oh! and data center deployment too. Anthony has been at the core of the Makerspace since the very beginning and is a great resource for anyone walking in the door. He knows who to know along with the what, where, and why behind all the tools and gadgets. Anthony is also a purveyor of fine beardmanship and can easily be identified by his Norse facial grooming strategy. 

Nāthæ, hlyða, bǫð-reifr (Peace!, Prosper!, and Rejoice in Battle!)

*Notes / Known Issues : Easily confused with Joseph Stalin due to his bald head and long beard. Worry not, this is Anthony the kind, not Stalin the dictator!

Michael Hebert (Instructor) - CNC Router , Laser Engravers

About Mike H. :

Mike is an US Army Veteran who has made a business of CNC Routing and Laser Engraving. To describe him as talented in these realms is surely an understatement. His ability to produce first class artwork and deliver on-time, unique designs to all of his clients is simply inspiring. He carries with him a charismatic spirit and energy that permeates all of those around him and is someone you're bound to get to know while at the space.  Check out and support Mike by visiting his business online via Etsy or Facebook, Big Bear Little Bear Wood Working

* Notes / Known Issues : May become overly excited about things he's working on and draw you in. If you're in a hurry avoid all eye contact!

Kelly (3D Printing Captain / Robot Schmuck)  - Saturday Robot Build Lead , Champion of 3D Printing Area

About Kelly X. :

Although Kelly has many times mentioned he works for "The Utilities", it is believed that he is actually an undercover agent for one branch of the Gov't or another. No one has ever seen a business card, pay stub, or any other corroborating material from him. Kelly is very intelligent in the ways of the electron and has built many different robotics projects; from arms, to full humanoid like bots, and now autonomous vehicles. He is at the Makerspace almost every single Saturday at 10 am to construct his gadgetry and help others to learn. Kelly is also well versed in 3D printing if you have any questions surrounding the subject.

* Notes / Known Issues : Might actually be grooming members for recruitment as "moles" or expendable assets in some unknown foreign war or conflict. USE EXTREME CAUTION.

Logan K. (Committee Chairwoman) - Oversight of Committees and Tasks

About Logan K. :

George Ott (Co-Founder & Makerspace Supporter) - Public Events and Donations

  About George O. :

 George has also been with the Makerspace since its' very inception. Nothing short of instrumental in his volunteering at our public events, helping to keep the maker spirit alive and well by delivering the very same excitement we all have to each new generation and anyone who is fortunate enough to walk by. He has also been a significant source for donated equipment and resources. 

* Notes / Known Issues : Elusive and cunning, this apex predator oscillates at a different frequency, you might say somewhere between 1 to 100 GHz.

John R. Marshall (Organization & 3D Design / Print Master) - Support and Leg Work At the Space

Pikes Peak Makerspace is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 735 E Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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