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Phillip, our "pro level" maker. We have an open house today. Come in and see what he is doing. ...

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Hey look there! Chris and Steven putting the finishing touches on the Intro to #Fusion360 class.
First class is tomorrow night. The RSVP is full with a waiting list. 😳

We will schedule our next class ASAP!
Make sure you join our meetup page at:

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Great story on our co-founder, Chris Vestal, from the Colorado Springs Independent. Nice work #ToddJones! ...

Vestal is inspiring the mentality of a true maker in all who come to Pikes Peak Makerspace:

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Latest output from the new Telsa Coil at PPM!

Final Tesla Coil Test Run – PPMThe final Tesla Coil video of the night, with proper adjustment of spark gaps, coil coupling, and ground placement. This method of driving a Tesla Coil, called a SGTC (Spark Gap Tesla Coil) uses a small set of closely positioned electrodes to create the necessary operating frequency for the coil. Final spark distance for the evening, 34″ !!!!! Yet this is a mere drop in the bucket for our eventual driver setup , a DRSSTC ( Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil), which can produce arcs in the 6-7 foot range!

Posted by Pikes Peak Makerspace on Sunday, January 24, 2016